Commercial Construction Heating Solutions

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The Leader in Temporary Construction Heating

4-Way Equipment Rentals has been in the business of providing temporary construction heating for over 40 years. 4-Way was the first company to bring in Ground Heaters for surface thawing and curing concrete which revolutioned winter construction. 4-Way specializes in heating equipment, logistics, fuel delivery and service, and can offer you 'one stop shopping' for all your heating requirements.

We carry the following types of heaters for your small to large commercial and institutional projects. Click on the link for further information on each product line:

  • Hydronic Surface Heaters
    • Diesel or kerosene fired
    • Thaw or cure any size project with available accessories
  • Hydronic Air Heaters
    • Choice of diesel, LPG (propane) or NG (natural gas)
    • Dry clean air for all inside subtrades - drywalling, painting and finishing work
  • Indirect Fired Heaters
    • Choice of diesel, LPG (propane) or NG (natural gas)
    • Environmental heater options for sensitive areas (100% spill containment systems)
    • Efficient options saving up to 1/3 in fuel
  • Direct Fired Heaters
    • Choice of LPG (propane) or NG (natural gas) 
    • Up to 1.2 million BTU
    • Radiant and infra-red heaters available
  • Electric Heaters
    • 1500 to 10,000 Watt heaters for indoor spaces
  • Heating Accessories 
    • High R Rated and Specialty Tarps:
      • R6 reflective
      • Fire retardant
      • Regular insulated and non-insulated tarps up to 12'X25'
    • Propane tanks
    • Fuel Delivery and Equipment
      • Fuel delivery - Propane and diesel delivery/ rotation to ensure you're never out of fuel in the dead of winter
      • Fuel cells / Fuel transcubes up to 3000 litre capacity - extend your run time of any diesel fired heater

Ask us about getting a free no obligation quote on your next heating project. Take advantage of our pre-booking savings today! Book by September 1 for the best rates available. Contact Us.